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10. April 2018.

Acceptable ads which carry Google Chrome’s approval

As Google Chrome went one step further in improving users’ experience by introducing strict guidelines banners must adhere to if they want to become acceptable ads, ie. if they don’t want to be blocked. The regional advertising network Clickattack was quick to respond, creating 5 (five!) new Chrome-approved ad formats to show your audience.

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10. April 2018.

How to promote an app but generate quality users only

Each new app starts its life the hard way – on the cold, dark bottom of an app store. Find out how to get it to the top fast!

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23. March 2018.

[JOB] Backend developers, we’re coming for you!

Are you driven by the ability to work and develop in a fast-paced environment, learn rapidly and master diverse web technologies? Keep on reading because we’re hiring backend developers.

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1. March 2018.

Interview with IMOCASH: Switching to AdCumulus Affiliate Software

Switching to a new affiliate tracking software is a big decision for any network, especially one that is already well-established and has a lot of partners to manage. Find out why IMOCASH, one of the fastest growing networks in the industry, chose Affiliate Software as their new tracking platform.

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14. February 2018.

What is smartlink & how will it grow your revenue

You may know this tool under ‘smartlink’ or sometimes ‘direct link’. A rose by any other name would still smell the same, so in practical terms, a smartlink is a ‘tree’ offer. A log with many offers branching from it; a URL containing many redirect offers in it; a place where you can send any and all traffic.

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31. January 2018.

AdCumulus’ winter intern hunt

We’re looking for a student at the master’s level who can juggle university with a part-time job, has excellent English skills, and refuses to give up their social life, by which we don’t suppose (only) binge watching TV shows. The challenging opportunity to work in our Zagreb office is out there… Are you?

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26. January 2018.

AdCumulus at Mobile World Congress: schedule your meeting today!

Our reps will be eager to answer all your questions at Mobile World Congress 2018! Book a meeting and get a free 1:1 consultation with our representative, no strings attached. See you soon!

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4. January 2018.

Affiliate marketing goes programmatic: meet Affiliate Software with DSP integration

We are proud to present Affiliate Software with DSP integration! You can now use the same familiar interface of your tracker to directly connect to sellers worldwide using the latest programmatic technology. Buying traffic has just become easier than ever!

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1. January 2018.

Off to a great start in 2018 with the best affiliate marketing software!

This year is almost over and it's time to start making plans for the next one! Therefore, we have a special holiday offer for the readers of our blog that can help you ensure a great business start in 2017. Take a peek and find out more!

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29. December 2017.

We’re heading to Affiliate Summit in Las Vegas, meet us there?

If you’re attending the Affiliate Summit in Las Vegas this January, make sure to schedule a one-to-one with our team. We are cooking up something new in our AdCumulus laboratory, and you’ll be able to find out about it first hand at the Summit.

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