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Ad Server

Easily create and manage campaigns

Create campaigns and choose among many advanced targeting and delivery options to optimize them for your audience. Create custom optimization mechanism to boost conversions even more.

Get detailed insights into performance

Track all relevant ad metrics and get detailed insights into campaign performance. Analyze what's working and what's not and adjust campaigns accordingly in real time.

Increase your reach by integrating with third-party networks

Use OpenRTB Demand Side Platform functionality to get traffic from hundreds of networks that support OpenRTB integration and reach the audience you need.


View and analyze your competitors

Find out who is advertising where and see how your competitors’ are spending their marketing dollars. Analyze creatives, landing pages and partners and use these insights to invest smarter.

Identify market trends and potential partners

Save money by detecting inventory owners and collaborating with them directly. Discover new potential partners and reach a broader audience by working with them.

Maintain your brand's integrity

Check who is promoting you and how. Ensure that the context in which your brand is being advertised remains in accordance with the desired brand image.

Data Management Platform

Centralize all user data in one place

Use a single interface to access tons of data gathered from various sources and systems and organize user attributes in a meaningful way.

Identify and connect with relevant audiences

Define valuable audience segments based on their characteristics or interests and let DMP find look-alikes who fit that criteria. Reach them across screens with relevant marketing messages and achieve amazing results.

Enjoy better performance and grow your revenue

Connect your DMP with a DSP and put your data into action. Buy only those impressions that suit your targeting criteria and invest smarter.