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Track, analyze and optimize your campaigns with the affiliate tracking system built to drive results.

Affiliate tracking software that meets your needs.

Optimize your traffic automatically

Why buy traffic which may not convert well? Affiliate Software takes care of choosing the best-converting offer for each visitor automatically. This unique approach, combined with advanced targeting, lets you achieve great performance in just a few clicks.

Boost ROI using an integrated ad server

Integrated ad server makes life much easier for your affiliates. They can simply put a snippet into their web pages and let the system choose which banner to deliver. This model allows you to choose whether you want to pay affiliates per mile, click, or conversion, knowing that your profit will be maximized in all cases.

Get more traffic with programmatic

The traffic in your country is low or non-existing?
Top up and buy traffic directly with programmatic technology, but using the same familiar interface of your tracker. You can now save your time, money and resources by automating the whole buying process. Simply set your targeting, let the system find the best traffic for the best price and watch your ROI grow.

Keep affiliates happy

Satisfied affiliates work harder, so it's important to properly award them. Choose from many payout models, differentiate first-time conversions from recurring events (e.g. subscription renewals) and set up referral bonus programs. This flexibility allows you to easily accomplish your business goals with many happy partners by your side.

Turn your data into action

Get detailed information about your affiliates, offers and marketing performance via interactive dashboards. Select what you want to monitor in your reports, group, filter and sort data, and, finally, export reports. If case of any unusual or sudden changes in clicks and conversions, our unique monitoring system will instantly notify you.

Take a look at the powerful, yet simple GUI

Main features

Affiliate management

Control permissions for your affiliates, create credit notes, set up referral bonus programs, and more.

Advanced tracking

Easily track all offers and integrate with other affiliate networks.

Precise targeting

Target by location, device, OS, connection type, mobile operator... even smartwatch, smart TV, and more.

DSP integration

Directly connect to sellers worldwide using the latest programmatic technology.

Multi-user access

Advertisers and affiliates get fully customizable user interfaces – simple and user-friendly.

Comprehensive API

Integrate with other systems easily using the complete two-way REST API.

Invoices & credit notes

Create invoices and credit notes automatically or manually and export them.

Real-time reporting

Use interactive dashboards to monitor, measure and analyze performance.

Fantastic support

Get technical help when you need it quickly and easily via email or Skype.

Switch to a powerful affiliate tracking software

Empower your business with a reliable performance tracking platform built to scale. Manage affiliates, monitor campaigns and optimize traffic – all with a single affiliate tracking system.

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