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Online advertising

Online advertising is an extremely dynamic industry. To keep up, you need a matchingly dynamic tool. Adcumulus ensures that you get the best tool on the market through collaboration with partners and frequent updates.

Affiliate Software

If you're looking for the best tracking platform, you've just found it. Affiliate Software is a powerful affiliate tracking software used by affiliate programs, performance networks and media buyers. Automatic traffic optimization, precise targeting and advanced tracking are just some of many options you can use to grow your business.

Ad Server

Ad Server is a cloud-based solution specialized for ad delivery on both desktop and mobile. Use it to control your whole inventory and campaigns in one place, and get full insight into campaign performance. A wide selection of targeting options allows you to easily define what your target audience will see, when they'll see it and how.

Programmatic advertising

You’re probably hearing about programmatic all the time, and with good reason. If someone told you that you could maximize profit by doing less work than ever, would you be interested to hear more? Then keep reading, because that is exactly what programmatic is all about.

Supply-Side Platform

Tired of having a bunch of unsold inventory? Think that your ad space is worth more? Then SSP is a solution to all of your problems. Realize the full potential of your inventory by selling more, faster. Achieve higher visibility, reach more demand and never have an empty slot again.

Data Management Platform

With DMP by your side, you can identify the most valuable audience segments and use them to power your campaigns, making sure that each ad gets the visibility it deserves. This allows you to fine-tune targeting and reach only the audiences that matter.

Demand-Side Platform

If you are looking for the best way to make your ads seen, DSP is the right tool for the job. Get the most value from each impression by placing the right ad in front of the right audience every single time – automatically.

Advertising intelligence

How can you expect to succeed if you have no idea what's working on the market? Luckily, an advertising intelligence tool provides answers. Knowing your market helps you create better strategies and make business decisions that will leave your competitors in the dust.


Current trends, competitors’ strategies, effective ad formats, landing pages… it is hard to keep track of everything manually. AdInvestigate was designed to do this for you. Monitor ads, discover new business opportunities and test service compliance – all with a single ad intelligence tool.

Mobile App Tracking

Imagine how many more quality users you could have if you only knew where to find them. MAT gives you the answer to marketers' most important question – where to invest your marketing budget to drive quality installs.