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Demand-Side Platform

The secret weapon of any successful marketer.

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Buying impressions has never been easier.

Demand-Side Platform works for advertisers. This means that
it finds the best impression for each ad at fair price – every single time.
Define your audience, set targeting, and let DSP do the rest.

Reach audience that matters

Stop wasting money on empty impressions and start controlling who you advertise to. Target relevant audiences across channels and get the most value for your advertising budget. Simply select your targeting criteria, relax, and let DSP deliver your ads in front of the right audience – automatically.

Spend smarter and increase ROI

Connect with a broad range of sellers and have a huge pool of impressions at your disposal. Optimization mechanisms find the impressions that best suit your goals and bid for them in real time. This ensures that you pay for the valuable impressions only.

Know where your money is going

Create custom reports to measure what matters to you. Use interactive dashboards to view performance and adjust to new changes and trends as they happen. Knowing what's working allows you to refine your strategies, run successful campaigns, and easily achieve your marketing goals.

Precise targeting

Target and retarget the right audience segments across channels and devices easily.

Bid optimization

Data-driven mechanisms make sure that you get the most value from each bid.

On-the-fly control

Make changes to your campaigns in real time to improve their performance.

Transparent insights

See how your campaigns are performing and learn how to optimize them.

Simple interface

A user-friendly GUI will show you how easy, yet effective, advertising can be.

Fantastic support

Easily connect with our technical support team when you need assistance.

Go programmatic and increase your reach

AdCumulus DSP is currently undergoing the final phase of development and will be launched soon. Contact us to get on the exclusive list of customers who will be the first to try it out and enjoy additional benefits!

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