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Ad Server

Deliver ads on desktop, mobile and native apps with the best ad server software that drives results.

Ad serving platform for marketing professionals

Reach users where they are

Users can be reached via different platforms and devices and skipping any of those types means losing money. Ad Server delivers ads across all relevant platforms, giving you complete control over all your campaigns or entire ad inventory.

(Re)target the right audience

Fine-tune ad delivery precisely for the audience you want and greatly improve your campaign performance. Target by mobile operator, GPS, location, device, time, external data sources, and more, and retarget users to increase the chances of conversion even more.

Profit more with optimization algorithms

Use a custom optimization algorithm to match each user with an ad that has the highest chance of conversion based on predictive analysis. Optimization mechanisms are custom-built for each client to make sure that they meet their specific business needs.

Boost clicks with effective ad formats

Engage your target audience by using interactive HTML5 ads that can be integrated with phone features like camera, motion detection, GPS, etc., or choose among many other ad formats, including VAST and chrome-optimized ads.

Get fresh and accurate reports

Get detailed information about your campaigns, inventory, and marketing performance via interactive dashboards. Select what you want to measure and group, filter, sort, and export data.

Everything you need in a single interface

Multiplatform support

Reach users on both desktop and mobile web, including native mobile apps.

Easy managment

Manage your inventory and campaigns on mobile and web from one place.

Accurate (re)targeting

Use advanced targeting and retargeting options to increase chances of conversion.

Effective ad formats

Attract attention with the latest ad formats, including VAST and chrome-optimized ads.

Flexible reports

Choose what you want to measure and view detailed reports and current trends.

Fraud detection

Detect fraud in real time through analysis of all received impressions and clicks.

Account managment

Easily create user accounts and set different permissions for each user.

Custom optimization

Smart optimization mechanism delivers the optimal ad to each user, every time.

OpenRTB Support

Get traffic from hundreds of networks that support OpenRTB (DSP) integration.

Level up your online ad revenue

It's the ad server solution you've been looking for! Easily set up and manage ad campaigns on both mobile and web and let our precise targeting do its magic.

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