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Mobile App Tracking

Accurately attribute app installs and optimize your marketing investment.

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Acquire valuable app users by tracking entire users’ journeys

Get more quality app installs

. . . but also QUALITY USERS

MAT connects all dots of users' journeys to your app. Accurately attribute each app install to the right marketing source that drove it and monitor the effectiveness of those sources. Of course, you get the watch what's happening in real time.

Find out who's driving your traffic


If you're not tracking users' journeys to your app, you will never be sure whether your marketing efforts are generating valuable users. With MAT, you can filter traffic sources by their effectiveness and invest your marketing budget only into those channels that actually bring you the most value.

Track who uses your app and how

. . . and COMPARE TRAFFIC VALUE between different traffic sources

Tracking important in-app actions helps you identify valuable, active users. Moreover, understanding how they move through your app and what they (don't) do in it helps you pinpoint advantages and flaws of that app and improve not only your campaigns, but also the entire user experience.

Optimize your marketing investment

. . . and significantly CUT YOUR COSTS

Knowing who's bringing you quality traffic and who's not makes it easy to decide where your marketing budget should go. Eliminate inefficient traffic sources and invest into those with proven results instead to ensure that your campaigns are really worth your money.

Precise install tracking

Track installs in all relevant app stores, including both Android and iOS, but also private stores.

In-app event tracking

Track users' in-app behavior to identify both quality users and the traffic sources that brought them to you.

Traffic analysis

Analyze where new app users are coming from and differentiate between paid and organic traffic.

Real-time reports

Monitor app installs in real-time and easily optimize your marketing strategy.

Great SDK

Easily integrate our SDK into your applications and track relevant app events.

Still relying on guesswork with app installs?

Imagine how many more quality users you could have if you only knew where to find them. MAT gives you the answer to marketers' most important question – where to invest your marketing budget.

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