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4 big marketing issues you can solve with an ad intelligence tool

By Valentina Zezelj on 2. August 2017.

If you want to build marketing strategies that work, you need data.

Otherwise, you’re simply guessing and gambling away a perfectly good budget that could’ve been invested into producing more money for you.

The newest member of the AdCumulus family was built to help you make profitable business decisions based on data. Meet AdInvestigate – the ultimate ad intelligence tool that was missing on the market.


Ad intelligence – the missing puzzle in your marketing strategy

AdInvestigate does two great things for you. First, it gives you a window into your advertising market by collecting as much information as possible about the ongoing campaigns and all participants in the advertising chain. Secondly, it lets you thoroughly test any service from the comfort of your office.

AdInvestigate is not the first ad intelligence tool on the market. But it’s the best, and here’s why:


  1. It’s 2 in 1: you can use it for both ad monitoring and compliance testing
  2. It stores the entire ad flow and both a printout and video for later analysis, so it’s impossible to miss anything
  3. It uses real devices for testing, guaranteeing the most accurate results


So, what exactly can you do with this tool?

For starters, AdInvestigate helps you answer 4 big questions that keep many marketers awake at night:


#1 Who’s promoting me and how?

There have been many concerns over brand reputation safety lately. Bad advertising can not only chase your potential customers away, but also harm your brand reputation in the long term. “Bad advertising“ can be anything from bad ad placement to ad fraud.

Of course, you could be going through each affiliate’s site manually and checking what’s going on by yourself. However, there’s a problem if:

  • You’re working with a lot of affiliates,
  • There’s targeting involved,
  • You prefer to invest your time into something more constructive.


In that case, AdInvestigate is the perfect tool for you.

AdInvestigate detects all publishers and banners that drive traffic to specific campaigns. It gathers details about each banner, landing page and redirect, and stores all that information.

This allows you to spot if a publisher’s context is not in accordance with the vision of a specific brand. Also, it is easy to see whether banners reflect the visual identity of the brand or if media buyers simply create attractive but unrelated content to generate more clicks.

In other words, you get to monitor who is promoting you and how and to check if everyone is playing by the rules. This transparency helps you protect yourself from false or unwanted advertising.


#2 What are my competitors doing?

Your ads and landing pages are not working as well as you’ve hoped? You’re not sure what’s trending on the market?

If done right, competitor analysis can answer these questions and save you a lot of money and trouble. A good ad spying tool is the first step in this analysis. It can help you improve almost any aspect of online marketing:


AdInvestigate shows you what kind of banners your competitors use and where they appear.

By analyzing their message, placement and inventory on which they are displayed, you can plan your marketing communication more effectively without the need to reinvent the wheel.



Landing page is where your potential customer makes their final decision.

A look at competitors’ work can help you identify strengths and weaknesses, get new ideas, and build great landing pages that convert.



Besides watching banners and landing pages, you also get to see who your competitors are working with, ie. all publishers and advertisers involved.

This helps you easily identify new partners for your own business.



If you’d love some optimization, but you’re not sure where to start, a detailed insight into current market trends will get you started.

AdInvestigate helps you stay on top of things and discover what’s missing in your marketing strategy.


Spying may have bad connotations in real life, but it’s a different story in online marketing. After all, who wouldn’t want to know what their competitors are up to?


competitor analysis


#3 Who should I be working with?

Good partners are a must for any business that wants to expand. With AdInvestigate, you can easily research new or existing markets, find available inventory and tap into undiscovered business opportunities, including new partners.

But there’s another benefit to identifying new partners – the possibility of direct collaboration.

By working directly with your partners, you can skip all other participants in the supply and demand chain who would otherwise claim their share of your budget. This way, you can decide with whom you want to collaborate directly and spend significantly less in that process.


#4 Am I at risk of fraud?

Fraud in value-added services usually begins with advertising. This is what commonly happens:

  • Destination URLs behind banners may contain some parameters that trigger a different flow. For example, user gets subscribed to a service unknowingly.
  • Fraudulent flows are triggered in specific time periods, e.g., during night when there is less control.
  • Affiliates rely on technical workarounds, such as overlays, to subscribe users directly to a service.


online ad fraud


To prevent these situations, it is necessary to test service flows thoroughly, which is where AdInvestigate steps in.

It tests the verification steps on landing pages to check if they are in accordance with the regulations of the targeted country. This ensures that end users don’t get subscribed to services they did not opt-in for.

Unlike most ad space monitors, AdInvestigate uses real devices and connections to test services, including those targeted to mobile Internet (3G/4G) users only. This ensures accurate and reliable results – the same a real user from the targeted country would get.

With AdInvestigate, you can test anything, anywhere, and easily detect any compliance breaches, avoid regulatory and legal risks, and protect your reputation.


To spy or not to spy – is it even a question?

Putting any banner on any website could get you a lot of clicks – if it was 1994 and it was the first banner ever.

Sadly, it’s not, so success will take a little more than that.

reliable ad intelligence tool gives you a complete look into everything that’s happening in the dynamic world of online advertising. This enables you to find out who’s advertising who, discover what’s trending on the market, identify new business opportunities, lower your risk profile, and more.

Remember – success is ninety percent data.

You can keep tapping in the dark and waiting for the results to show you whether you’re on the right track. Or you could be learning from the market itself and building your business decisions on data.

What will it be?


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